Here you can export the YSFReflector's List for usage as YSFHosts.txt in YSFGateway by G4KLX

Only YSFReflectors marked as active are going to be exported!

You can also get a copy of the file by using following command on your YSFGateway-computer (in new format):

wget -O YSFHosts.txt

Following url-parameters are provided:

?noresolve=1 - delivers hostnames instead of ip-addresses, 0 or no option delivers ip-addresses

?net=internet (or not added) - delivers reflectors present at the internet

?net=hamnet - delivers reflectors present at hamnet

?net=both - delivers reflectors present at hamnet and internet (so you get a list of all reflectors online on both networks)

?version=1 - delivers reflectors added with the program vesion listed in the database

?id=12345 - only infos for one specific reflector named by his ID (example here id = 12345)

?country=DE,AT,CH - comma-separated-list of international country codes of countries to which reflectors should be exported. Can be 1 to n entries

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