Data Protection Policy

Which data we collect and what we are doing with it?

If you are a visitor of this page, we only collect information on your browser in use (Name, Version), your IP-address and the website you were linked from and the url of the page you were calling. All this is done by the used webserver-software and is collected for diagnostic use. The logfiles would be deleted regularly by the system.

If you are registering a new reflector, we mainly collect information that is reflector-depended and nececary for usage (name, description, host/ip-address of the server, port, country where the reflector is located, dashboard URL and some info about bridges). The only personal information of the registrant we collect is the admin-callsign and it's email-address. Both data are collected for further communication purpose.

The information of the reflector are visualized on the website and exported in csv and json-format for usage of the reflector's-list in different software-clients connecting to the reflectors.

There is no visualization (beside the administrators-view) of the personal data nor any export of this data.

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